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Why use a Mortgage Broker? Who is Eric Sangster?

My name is Eric Sangster, and I believe that everyone deserves to have all the facts to make educated decisions about their home and financial goals.  I am so excited and so privileged to be able to help clients, like you, secure a mortgage that is right for them.

Growing up in the Maritimes,  I learned the value of hard work and the importance of treating everyone like family.  As a result, I am an honest, hard working agent who does not care about making a single "deal"; I care about securing the best product for you.  I spend hours every week reviewing new lender promotions, products and rates to ensure I can provide you with the best, up to date, information for your financial well being.  Unlike the online or website exclusive brokers who have no invested interest in your goals, or the big banks who care more about up-selling a fancy credit card or premium bank account - I work with you, as a conduit to hundreds of lending products from reputable banks and other financial institutions across Canada.  I partnered with Dominion Lending Centres because they bring a wealth of experience and vast lender relationships established across our country.  This amount of leverage is unbelievably powerful when searching for the right solution for you!  

I will find you the solution that fits your needs!

In Canada, the mortgage lending landscape has changed.   Once upon a time, you would attend your local bank, speak to a manager who knew you by name and you would walk out with a mortgage.  With the modern mortgage regulations and market safeguards, those days are over.  Banks were once regarded as the premier option for lending; a status symbol of sorts.  However the truth is, if you're mortgaged through a Canadian bank you could risk much higher fees or thousands more in interest costs; something your bank employee isn't going to tell you.  In my profession, mortgage brokers have access to the best rates and mortgage terms available in the marketplace.  If your needs are best suited with a big bank, then I will recommend their product. However if you're better suited with a credit union or lender dealing solely in mortgages - I can also make that happen.

Your home and financial needs are what I care about.   

Everyone in Canada, who is willing to put in a hard day’s work, should be allowed to own their home.  Owning an asset like a home, is key to long term financial success in Canada.  I am confident, through my many partnerships, together, we can make the best plan for your mortgage.   Call or email me anytime and we can get started.  I look forward to speaking with you!


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